The Fraser Center is dedicated to strengthening and supporting the clergy and congregations of area churches by:

Serving as a Christian spiritually sensitive referral source for pastoral and mental health and substance abuse counseling.

Providing low cost or subsidized services for parishioners who have financial need. We are able to do this using funds contributed by area churches through our Church Capital Funds Campaign.

Providing Clergy Colleague Support Groups.

Providing individual consultation services for clergy and congregations.

Providing speakers on various issues centered on the healing of mind and spirit.

Providing special events, quarterly programs, seminars, or workshops for clergy and laity based on the current and ever-changing demands and challenges of ministry.

Providing Employee Assistance Programs for judicatories and church governing bodies.

Providing Spiritual and Emotional Care for Caregivers during times of disaster or crisis.

How can you make use of our services?

Call or e-mail and ask to be placed on our Special Events mailing list.

Talk with the Executive Director about a particular community/church need.

Call to arrange for a referral for a parishioner or a professional consultation.

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If you have an emergency: At this time we do not provide immediate crisis intervention.
Please call 1-800-715-4225 for assistance or 911 for emergencies.