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This is Your Life Whitman Fraser is mostly a pictorial representation of the life of Dr. Whitman Fraser, who served Hinesville as a physician for 27 years. He found he could not improve the wellness of his patients by treating physical symptoms alone. Instead, he had to address the whole person: body, mind and, spirit. Whit and his wife, Mary Lou, dreamed of providing professional counseling support for struggling families and individuals in Hinesville and surrounding areas once he retired from his medical practice.

Unfortunately, Mary Lou did not live to see their dream become a reality. Following her death, Dr. Fraser created a Foundation in her memory: The Mary Lou Fraser Foundation for Families, Inc. Dr. Fraser also provided the resources to build two state-of-the-art facilities the Liberty County YMCA facility and the Fraser Counseling Center. Today, families in Hinesville and surrounding areas have ready access to comprehensive facilities to support their physical, mental, and spiritual healthcare needs.

Whit and Mary Lou’s legacy of giving is shared in pictures, newspaper articles, and text. Here you will discover the “rest of the story” about the Founder and his gift to the community that he loved and served in his lifetime through The Fraser Counseling Center partnered with the Liberty County YMCA.

Click here to download the book; samples from the book shown below.


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