Sherry and her family

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Sherry Fraser Somerville

Sherry Fraser Somerville is the Fraser Center founder's daughter and the current President of the Mary Lou Fraser Foundation for Families, Inc. named in memory of her mother.

She is the wife of an Episcopal Priest who is a retired Army Chaplain, a retired elementary school teacher, tutor by profession, and a grandmother as of January 2008. Her love is through her expression of music that has become a prayer language between her and God. In 1994, Sherry experienced the positive benefits of personal and group therapy when she participated in a life changing co-dependent group provided by the Fraser Center. This was the beginning of her passion for life coaching and spiritual direction in one’s health and well being. Her personal journey toward health and wholeness is the most exciting endeavor she has ever under taken. It is a daily adventure she intends to continue until the day Jesus calls her home.

Approaching everything from a faith perspective, it is an integral part of who she is and the legacy she received from her parents. She believes that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Her personal goal is to look for the fingerprints of God in all aspects of life and give glory to God for all she experiences.

The “Breath of God” details her personal reflections on a journey towards health. It includes music, scripture, and meditations from various sources that will hopefully relate to any circumstance in life. Her hope is that it will be a source of encouragement to all.

To read Sherry's blog, "Breath of God", click here.

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